Our mission

Inviting all People to experience the wonder of creation and find harmony with God, with nature and with one another.

Our core Values - G.r.a.c.e

GOSPEL- The Gospel unifies us all as believers and it is the centerpiece of Camp's mission and programs. We believe that following Jesus is not just a part of life, but something that affects every aspect of life. We believe the hope, joy and grace of the Gospel should be a part of all we do and our desire is to make it clear from beginning to end.

RESPECT - We feel and show honor and consideration for others, Camp, the environment, God and ourselves through our actions, words and deeds.

ACCEPTANCE - We teach manners, tolerance and caring for people of all backgrounds. We value each person as a unique individual and a new friend. Caring relationships support all of our work.

COMMUNITY - We value a Christian community that embraces one another with the love of Christ - a safe community that offers love, respect, forgiveness, accountability, and hope. By providing caring, support, and guidance, we maintain an atmosphere that enhances supportive relationships and shared common ground.

EXPLORATION - We value exploration and discovery as a means of personal growth. We challenge our campers & guests to explore the world around us and to grow spiritually, socially, physically, and mentally just as Jesus did.